INRIM acoustic standards

Certificazione Acustica INRIM

We are proud to announce the recent acoustic performance certificate awarded to us by I.N.R.I.M. (National Metrological Research Institute). After a lot of stringent research and experimentation the engineers at L’Officina dei Giardini can design and produce conservatories aesthetic beauty is matched by their acoustic performance. 

The glazed partitions guarantee excellent sound insulation, with an Rw sound insulation index of 52.5 dB. Certification was obtained from the accredited laboratory of the National Institute of Metrology Research (I.N.R.I.M.) in Turin. These iron and glass walls ensure sustainable and effective insulation between external and internal spaces. L’Officina dei Giardini also shares its expertise with leading restaurants, luxury hotels, clubhouses, Spa and thermal swimming pools, providing expert advice on how to provide the best safety and comfort for the guests who use your facilities.
The aim of the R&D department at L’Officina dei Giardini has always been that of constantly innovating and improving the quality and design of its creations. In 2016, we invested a considerable sum to produce a high-performance, soundproofed conservatory that maintained the same aesthetic lightness and beauty typical of its early profiles and windows. The result was awarded INRIM certification (National Institute of Metrological Research) for the reduction of sound transmission. 
To achieve this result L’Officine dei Giardini’s research team availed itself of an external consultancy of specialized professionals who collaborated with us to achieve a delicate balance of static, acoustic and thermal performance and architectural harmony of the finished structure.

Research by 
Vittorio Cravanzola (Founder and CEO ODG)
Michele Destefano (R&D ODG)
Architect: Chiara Devecchi, Engineers: Paolo Onali, Andrea Pavoni Belli, Andrea Prato, Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM) in Turin

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